Thursday, September 21, 2017

Somi "The Lagos Music Salon" 2014

Laura Kabasomi Kakoma (aka Somi) is a american jazz, soul and pop chanteuse (with Uganda and Ruwanda heritage) from New York City. Her music is somewhere between contemporary late night jazz-ballads and Sade-soul-elegance with a touch of Lagos, Nigeria and a small  vibe of modern r&b. Her voice is stunning and in another era she would have been much bigger than she is. It's also very cool that the album was released by the old label Okeh. Guests on the album is Angelique Kidjo and Common. Support Somi here.


Phew (with Holger Czukay, Jaki Libezeit & Conny Plank) 1981

The legendary funkster and kraut professor Holger Czukay left the building recently (god bless him), and his story has been told  several times already. After Can broke up Czukay and their influental drummer Jaki Liebezeit (died in january this year - god bless him too) teamed up with the Japanese avant-garde vocalist Hiromi Moritani (aka Phew) and the mighty Conny Plank (died in 1987 - god bless him as well) at the legendary Conny's Studio in Cologne, Germany 1981. This part kraut-disco electronic art-post-punk project was way far ahead of it's time. Not for everybody - but definitely an important (and essential) piece of modern art. Groovy!


Baobab "It's Entertainment" 1984

Baobab released one album only (and a bunch of singles) back in the mid 80s, I don't know much about the group at all, but I find It's Eintertainment from 1984 pretty enjoyable - great and funky electro/electronic disco mixtured with hip-hop. In 2015 a deluxe edition was released by Deluxe CD Music, support them here. Groovy!


Asiko ‎"Take A Trip With Asiko" 1977

Asiko was a Nigerian group who travelled to europe and recorded this album in Germany 1977, this was their only known recording, and it was a self released record I guess. Musically it's very influenced by the early 70s american funk and James Brown, mixtured with groovy afrobeat and wah wah's. Nice horns and vocals!


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Everyday People "Same" 1972

The Everyday People were a american funk group who released this one only album in 1972, wich were produced by Gene Redd (once a doo woop artist, then producer and manager of Kool & The Gang). Musically it sounds very similar to the gangs early work, but also to Fatback Band's early grooves for example. This is a gem!


The Jones Girls "At Peace With Woman" 1980

The Jones Girls were a trio from Michigan, Detroit, they were active between 1970-1993. The three sisters Brenda, Shirley & Valorie Jones released their first single in 1970 already, and through the 70s they released sevreal singels on different labels, but it wasn't until 1979 when they were signed to Philadelphia International Records by Gamble & Huff their first album show up. Musically it's groovy philly soul, and of course the significant boogie/disco sound wich made the label famous during these years. At Peace With Woman was the groups second album, arranged and written by the legendary John Faith and Dexter Wansel along with Cynthia Briggs. Groovy!


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Poison Clan "Poisonous Mentality" 1992

Poison Clan was a southern hip hop group from Miami, Florida, they were active 1990-1995, they began as a duo with JT Money and Debonaire (Jeffrey Thompkins and Patrick Walter), other members came by through their popularity. They were involved by and supported The 2 Live Crew, and signed by Luke Records (support them here). Their old scool hip hop and rap are both funky and uptempo with smart sampling. Groovy!


Monday, September 18, 2017

Balla Et Ses Balladins ‎"Objectif Perfection" 1980

Balla Et Ses Balladins were a dance-music group from Conarky, Guinea, they were formed in 1962. The music can be described as traditional guinean folk mixed with modern and groovy sounds and rhythms, part very soulful and groovy. All songs have vocals, and the last track Keme Bourema has a both funky and haunting vibe. What I knew there is no reissue of the album to this date. Groovy!


Jon Lucien "Mind's Eye" 1974

Jon Lucien was born on the island of Tortola, the main island of the British Virgin Islands in 1942 (died 2007). Lucien had his own unique take on soul music in the 70s, with one foot in Stevie Wonderland, and the other foot in the brazilian groove. Mind's Eye from 1974 includes musicians like Jon Tropea, Dave Gruisin and Steve Thornton among others. This is a groovy gem.


Sunday, September 17, 2017

Keni Burke "Same" 1977

Keni Burke was earlier a member of Chicago's "First Family Of Soul" The Five Stairsteps, where he also played bass. This self titled album from 1977 was recorded in Los Angeles and produced by himself, and released on George Harrisons Dark Horse label. This solo debut is full of groovy deep soul with typical of time boogie/disco/funk elements. Groovy!


Abbey Lincoln "People In Me" 1973

Anna Marie Woolridge (aka Abbey Lincoln) was a jazz singer (also an actress) and civil rights activist born in 1930, she was also married to legendary jazz drummer Max Roach for several years. People In Me was recorded in a studio in Tokyo 1973, with saxophone player David Liebman, Al Foster on drums and congas player James Mtumbe among others. The album had a nice late night feel, but a couple of tunes has a more groovy feel. To me her voice was one of the best, a bit overlooked today.


Rufus Harley "A Tribute To Courage" 1968

Rufus Harley may be the first (or just the most famous) dude who use bagpipe in jazz, it may sound scary on the paper, but it works out just fine (Harley plays flute on one track as well). A Tribute To Courage is a VERY groovy soul-jazz album from 1968, with nice congas from Robert Gossett and Robert Kenyatta. Most often is straight late and moody 60s bop jazz, but with a nice spiritual vibe (very influenced by Rahsaan Roland Kirk I guess), and there is a political message as well, with titles such as Ali, X, A Tribute to JFK and John Coltrane. Groovy!


Jah Woosh "Religious Dread" 1978

This is the sadly overlooked Jamaican deejay and producer Jah Woosh's 1978 album for Trojan Records. Most of this dudes material is poor reissued, I don't know why, cause to me he was one the biggest. Great roots reggae with vibes of dub. nice produced by Neville Beckford, the backing band are the might The Revolutionaries. Groovy!


Saturday, September 16, 2017

Gary McFarland & Co. "Does The Sun Really Shine On The Moon" 1968

Gary McFarland was one of the grooviest cats in jazz during the 60s, he was definitely one of the best vibraphone players of his time, sadly he died way to early in 1971. Does The Sun Really Shine On The Moon? was released in 1968, and McFarland with his crew played the sunshine pop/jazz hits of the day (Beach Boys, 5th Dimension, Glen Campbell, Beatles, etc), in a soulful and groovy way. A true gem if you like sunshine pop and soft soul-jazz. Do the cocktail. Groovy!


Friday, September 15, 2017

VA - Blues Groove 7 (1967-1976)

Well - here is another mixtape I made with a more groovy and funky take on the blues, from the years 1967-1976. I find it interesting that there are so many blues albums from this era that inclues an almost hidden track with such a groovy/funky vibe - very cool I think. I hope some if you find it groovy as well.

01. Lowell Fulsom ‎- Fed Up (1973)
02. Big Maybelle - Big Sweet Daddy (1968)
03. Freddie King -  I Got The Same Old Blues (1974)
04. Linkin' Louisiana Peps - Dimples (1968)
05. Johnny Guitar Watson - Coke (1967)
06. Bobby Rush - Chicken Heads (1971)
07. Junior Parker - Stranger In My Own Home Town (1972)
08. Jimmy McCracklin - Stay Away From That Monkey (1971)
09. Little Sonny - You Can Be Replaced (1972)
10. Otis Rush - Baby, I Love You (1969)
11. Muddy Waters ‎- Herbert Harper's Free Press News (1968)
12. Albert Washington - Crazy Legs (Part 2) (1971)
13. John Mayall - Sitting On The Outside (1975)
14. Son Seals - No, No Baby (1976)
15. Mighty Joe Young - Move On Higher (1974)
16. Ted Taylor - Something Strange Is Goin' on in My House (1970)
17. Johnny Otis - Don't Stretch This Good Thing Too Far (1970)
18. Johnny Copeland - You Must Believe In Yourself (1971)
19. Earl Hooker - Hold On I'm Coming (1973)
20. John Lee Hooker - Homework (1974)


Thursday, September 14, 2017

Colomach "Same" 1974

Colomach is an rare/obscure Nigerian album from 1974, led by the Northen Togo musician Gneni Mamadou. The music could easy been described as afro-rock, to me it's sounds like groovy afro rhythms meeting raw psychedelic haunting electric guitar work (very edgy, experimental and fuzzy), flute and vocal. There is also some groovy acoustic stuff on this one. The album is definitely one of a kind, and it's a true gem. One of the best of it's genre. Soundway Records (support them here), made a 500 limited vinyl only release a couple of years ago, this one definitely deserves a bigger audience. Groovy!


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Abdou el Omari "Nuits D´Été" 1976

Abdou El Omari (1945-2010) was an Maroccan artist and performer. His spooky and/or weird keyboard melodies and figures (wich dominate) over the driven groove of bas and drums/percussion are fantastic. Most tracks have some vocal by himself or Naima Samih. The music is folk/world with vibes of both jazz and middle eastern "pop". The album has recently been reissued by the enthusiasts at Radio Martinko, support them here. Very groovy!


The Black Seeds "Fabric" 2017

The Black Seeds is a 7-piece orchestra from Wellington, New Zealand, and next year they celebrate their 20th anniversary. Their music is great classic roots reggae, very well played and nice produced. Fabric is their latest release. Support them here. Groovy!


Freddie Mckay "Picture On The Wall" 1971

Picture On The Wall is a classic and groovy rock steady LP, a Studio One release from 1971 with the jamaican singer Freddie McKay. The album recently got a nice extended reissue by Studio One, check them out and their distributors here. Groovy!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

DJ T-Rock & Squashy Nice "Back To The Essence" 2017

Back To The Essence by DJ T-Rock & Squashy Nice is an incredible groovy and arty hip-hop/r&b album from earlier this year. Musically they smart mixed funk, jazz, electronic and r&b in a very joyful and groovy way, the vintage (60s/70s) sounded production will make your day. Support those Los Angeles guys here, the album is very limited (available on cassette, cd and vinyl). Groovy!