Friday, June 23, 2017

VA - Maravilloso! Funky & Groovy Sounds From Spain 1973-1977!

Well, here is a mixtape I made with groovy sounds from Spain 1973-1977, and it's full of lovely rhythms - funk, grooves, psychedelic/gipsy rumba, library music, etc. None of the tracks on this mixtape (I believe) appears on the handfull of famous compilations that's been released the last ten years by different reissue labels. Hope you dig it. Groovy!

01. Los Brandis Con Maria Nevada - Life's Song (1974)
02. Ivan Trilha - Tauro (1975)
03. Los Percheleros - Con Aires De Romeria (1976)
04. Vade Retro - Riuo De Janeiro (1977)
05. Larry Wald - Wou Wou Wou (1974)
06. The Ten Tops - Margarina (1973)
07. Orquesta Internacional Osca - Melenio (1977)
08. A. Santisteban ‎- Zorongo (1975).mp3
09. Union Pacific - Loretta´s Inn II (1977)
10. Roberto Serrano - Retorno (1976)
11. Ray L. Falcón - Papá Fue Un Bala Perdida (1974)
12. Lin Barto - Sax Pop (1975)
13. Los Angeles - Avisame (1973)
14. Sirarcusa - Streap-Tease in the Stars (The Way I Do) (1977)
15. Adolfo Waitzman Y Su Orquestra - Noches En Harlem (1976)
16. Pituso M. Pliego - A Su Aire (1976)
17. Orquesta Miramar - Miramar Sound (1975)
18. Orquestra Antonio Latorre - Bajamar (1976)
19. Rafael Ferro y su Orquesta - Ferro y Gato (1973)
20. Manolo Gas & The Tinto Band Bang - Amore (1977)


Thursday, June 22, 2017

VA - 2017, The 2nd Quarterly Report

Well, it's very simple: here is 2 mixtapes with my favourite songs from the 2nd quartal of 2017's music scene. 2017 seems to be one of the greatest year of music ever, but don't we say that every year? Despite the worlds condition -  fill your head with good music. Hope you like it and have a nice weekend...

01. Beth Ditto - Savoir Faire
02. Alexandra Savior - Frankie
03. Kool G Rap - Mack Lean
04. Leela James - Did It for Love
05. Spose - Buy Now
06. Rat Columns - Time's No Vessel
07. Ulrika Spacek - Everything, All the Time
08. Anoyd - Cardboard Box (feat. Chris Michaud)
09. Reverie - Problematic Liberation
10. Furniteur - Swimming
11. Hoops - Rules
12. Isaac Delusion - How Much (You Want Her)
13. Mali Music - Gonna Be Alright
14. Pimps of Joytime - This Funk (Give Me A Hand)
15. Saint Etienne - Take It All In
16. Oren Lavie - Look At Her Go
17. Bryan J - Chachi's Ride
18. Burning Hearts - Folie a Deux
19. Nym - Flipped
20. Ephemerals - And If We Could, Wed Say

01. Locksmith - Helpless (feat. Olamide Faison)
02. Abstract Rude & DJ Vadim - The Owl's Cry
03. Nattali Rize - Ever Rizing Dub
04. Fujiya & Miyagi - Serotonin Rushes
05. Bei Bei & Shawn Lee - Year of the Funky
06. Corey Finesse - Waste My Time
07. J Hus - Fisherman (feat. MoStack & MIST)
08. Populous - Azul Oro
09. Lord Echo - Low to the Street (feat. Lisa Tomlins)
10. New Street Adventure - Why Should We Do Anything
11. James Vincent McMorrow - Glad It's Raining
12. Dappled Cities - Driving Home at Night Alone
13. Big Thief - Objects
14. Y'akoto - Take Him Back
15. Coldcut & On-U Sound - Vitals (feat. Roots Manuva & Adrian Sherwood)
16. Quantic & Nidia Gongora - Dub del Pacifico
17. Smizzy - Who I Owe My Rhymes To
18. Hugo Kant - The Meeting
19. Current Swell - Marsha
20. Dougie Poole - Tripping with the One You Love

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Marquee And Ninjustice "Femme Fatale" 2017

Brand new album by the fantastic female rapper Marquee (aka Markita Ferguson) with the team/collective Ninjustice. Amazing vocals by Marquee meets amazing and joyable sampling and grooves by Ninjustice, colloborations with the likes of Nature, Crystal Johnson and Prince Po & MS Kennedy. One of the absolute best hip-hop/rap albums of the year (and albums overall). Support Marvel Records and Marwuee here and here. Groovy!


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Bankie Banks & His Roots & Herbs "Same" 1978

Bankie Banx is a famous singer from the carribean Anguilla. This is his first album from 1978, including the local hit Prince Of Darkness. Musically the album it's some kinda carribean reggae mixed with Banx's own take on the british acoustic folk/pop - some prefer to called him "the anguillan Bob Dylan". This is a very pleasant and groovy album. Banx is still active - support him here. Groovy!


Gepy & Gepy "Body To Body" 1979

The famous italian singer, composer and producer Giampieri Scalamogna had a disco-project going on in the late 70s with some girls - Gepy & Gepy, and I think this was their only full length album. The title track and African Love Song were pretty huge hits at the time, and was played a lot at Studio 54. Body To Body is more or less late european 70s disco - but, nothing wrong with that. Groovy!


Kokomo "Rise And Shine" 1977

Kokomo is a British blue-eyed soul band who made their debut in 1975 - and also worked with Bob Dylan on his Desire sessions on a couple of tracks at the same time. Rise And Shine is their second album, and upon it's release in 1977 NME wrote "The best British funk album of the sventies". And, the album is full of funky soul for sure. Kokomo is still active - support them here. Groovy!


Dereb Desaleng "Dereb The Ambassador" 2010

Dereb Desalegn (aka Dereb The Ambassador) is a well known and respected singer on the streets Addis Abebba in Ethiopia. He released his first album back in 2003. He is well known for mixing the traditional groovy ethiopique style of afrobeat with a more modern and progressive take on the music. On this album from 2010 he mix his own material with traditionals and even a cover of Mulatu Astatke. Support the artist here. Groovy!


Monday, June 19, 2017

Ethioda "Tezet Reset" 2016

Ethioda is lovely seven piece orchestra from Montepellier in the south of France, their music are in incredible moody ethiopiques vintage style, including afrobeat, jazz and funk. Support the band here. Groovy!


Hailu Mergia & The Walias Band "Tche Belew" 1977

Fantastic album from 1977 by the ethiopian organ player Hailu Mergia and The Walias Band. The ethiopian groove is in focus, and the melancholy vibe is there, this instrumental album is a keeper. A nice and welcome reissue were made in 2014 by Awesome Tapes From Africa, support them here. Groovy!


Sunday, June 18, 2017

Prince Hammer "Roots Me Roots" 1978

Amazing album from 1978 by Prince Hammer (aka Berris Simpson). Classics jamaican roots sounds - this one mix deep reggae, dancehall and dub, great vocals by Hammer (wich produced the album himself) and smashing work by (as usual) Sly & Robbie. Groovy!


Steve Kuhn Trio "Three Waves" 1966

Lovely early work by the composer, pianist and leader Steve Kuhn from Brooklyn, New York City. Three Waves from 1966 shows Kuhn with Steve Swallow and Pete La Roca in great and moody shape, straight modal post bop jazz in Kuhn own unique way. Groovy!


Friday, June 16, 2017

VA - Krautfunk: Groovy & Funky Krautrock Sounds From Germany 1972-1978

Well, here is a mixtape I made with groovy and funky krautrock and beyond, most of the bands on this tape where originally "rock" or progressive acts (some in the jazz-funk-fusion genre for sure), but many german acts threw the rock out of the window in the mid to late 70s and got a more synth-new wave-dreamy/kosmische-tinged kind of sound. This is not a fair overwiev of the 70s krautrock scene at all - it's just a mixtape - and there was no scene (what I know) called krautfunk either, I just collect the more funkier tracks into a tape. And I think the german funk was pretty groovy!

01. Embryo - New Ridin (1974)
02. Joy Unlimited - Soul Gravy Soul Beat (1972)
03. Atlantis - It's Getting Better (1973)
04. Sincerely P.T. - Rolling Machine (1973)
05. Niagara - S.U.B. (1972)
06. Messengers - Actions (1975)
07. Amon Duul 2 - Don't Turn Too Stone (1978)
08. Ex Ovo Pro - Don't Forget The Master (1976)
09. Randy Pie - Super Sid (1975)
10. Guru Guru & Kraan - Das Leopardenkästchen (1977)
11. 18 Karat Gold - Cool (1973)
12. Jonathan - Li Song (1978)
13. Missus Beastly - Geisha (1974)
14. Curt Cress Clan - ''451 271'' (1975)
15. Alcatraz - Piss Off (1972)


Groundation "Upon The Bridge" 2006

Groundation is a roots regggae group from Sonoma County, North California, and Upon The Bridge is their sixth album. Their music is well produced Bob Marley mid 70s era-reggae with both jazz and dub influences as well. Support the band here. Groovy!


Gilberto Sextet ‎"The Groovy Sounds Of The Gilberto Sextet" 1968

I don't know much about this LP or orchestra at all, excpet that the leader is Gilberto Cruz. The Gilberto Sextet gives you a wonderful latin/boogaloo album, they do a couple of groovy pop-covers besides their own compositions. Groovy!


Thursday, June 15, 2017

El Gran Combo ‎"Mejor Que Nunca (Better Than Ever)" 1976

Mejor Que Nunca (Better Than Ever) is a very groovy album recorded in 1976 by the legendary Puerto Rican group El Gran Combo, who were formed in 1962 already, and they still exists. A very joyful latin/salsa album. Groovy!


The Boogie Boys ‎"City Life" 1985

The Boogie Boys were a hip hop group from Harlem, New York and they existed between 1985-1988. They got a huge hit from this album called A Fly Girl. The member Joseph Malloy is still active and are today a famous producer. City Life was their debut album. Groovy!


The Eliminators "Loving Explosion" 1972

The Eliminators were formed in the early 60s in Winston-Salem, North Carolina when the dudes were at high school, after ten years in diverse projects the reunited in 1972 and made this badass album. Musically it's incredible groovy, and Loving Explosion is a typical of time statement of how the afro-american soul/funk scene sounded this year. Thankfully this rare album got a nice reissue back in 1999 by Soul Brother Records, support them here. Groovy!


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Shamek Farrah ‎"First Impressions" 1974

This is the american alto saxophonist Shamek Farrah's first LP as a leader, released on Strata East Record in 1974. A pretty straight (more spiritual in parts) modern jazz/soul-jazz album, some middle eastern vibes. The albums title track is though a groovy hip hoppy gem.


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

William Onyeabor "Anything You Sow" 1985

The legendary nigerian funk singer and songwriter William Onyeabor passed away earlier this year at the age of 70. Since 2013 the world music enthusiasts Luaka Bop have been reissued his entire catalog between 1977-1985, support them here. Anything You Sow is an amazing record with a danceble mix of 80s synthwave, electronic, funk with vibes of the nigerian folk-tradition, very joyful. This album is one of those timeless records that easyily could have been made in 2017 by some indie-lo fi-dudes. And, It's not hard to realize how much Onyeabor 80s stuff has been influenced David Byrne through his own career. Groovy!


Clint Eastwood "Jah Lights Shining" 1979

Classic album from 1979 by the jamaican deejay Clint Eastwood. Musically it's a roots reggae/dancehall album with nice elements of dub. Sly & Robbie does a great job with the rhythms (as usual), so does the guitar player Chinna. Groovy!