Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Ali Birra "Ammalele" 1976

This album from 1976 is true ethio groove by Daire Dawa, Ethiopia born singer Ali Birra. The sound is of course familar with the ethiopiques at the time - the hypnotic and dark mood with spooky organs etc. But this album is not as "jazzy" but focus more on anglo-pop rhythms. I fint it very interesting that much of the great guitar work and their repetetive melodies is very similar to the "sahara" rock scene (with likes of Tamikrest, Tinariwen, etc) that's very popular today (and over the last 20 years). The sound quality may not be for audiophiles and hi-fi puritanes, but who cares, it swings a lot! This lovely album got a reissue (sadly out of print) back in 2012 by the enthusiasts of Domino Sound, support them here. Groovy!


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Pedro Santos "Krishnanda" 1968

The percussionist Pedros Dos Santos was born in Rio De Janeiro in 1919, and worked with all the stars in Brazil back in the days (Clara Nunes, Baden Powell, Elis Regina, Elsa Soarez, etc). Krishnanda from 1968 has a gentle mix of folk, samba, afro-brazil with a unique mixture of psychedelic effects. The folks at Mr. Bongo (support them here) released a reissue last year. Groovy!


Larry Young ‎"Lawrence Of Newark" 1973

Lawrence Of Newark from 1973 by New Jersey's finest organ player Larry Young may be his masterpiece. Musically it's an extraordinary adventure in land of the restrained spiritual, groovy, dopey and part free jazz. With congas player Umar Abdul Muizz, guitar player James Blood Ulmer and saxophonist Dennis Mourouse (among others) this freedom jazz is a true gem.


Novos Baianos F.C. "Same" 1973

Novos Baianos were a brazilian group who were active 1969-1979. Thei mix of tropicalia, bossa nova and MPB with female/male vocals is very on of the best in the genre. Groovy!


Monday, August 21, 2017

Dynamic Twins "No Room 2 Breathe" 1993

The Dynamic Twins were a christian rap group of indentical twins Noel and Robbie Arthurton from Bronx. Typical of time funky uptempo hip hop and beats with great flow and lyrical. No Room To Breathe was their 2nd album and it's was released in 1993. They worked together through the decade, Groovy!


Clancy Eccles "Freedom" 1969

Clancy Eccles were a famous and succesful singer from jamaica, and was early discovered by Coxsone Dodd who released his early ska singles in 1961 already. Freedom (released by Trojan) from 1967 is groovy reggae soul album, still with vibes of rocksteady of course. A very joyful album with Eccles unique voice.


Vivian Weathers "Bad Weather" 1978

Vivian Weathers was a UK musician and producer, and were active in London mostly the late 70s and 80s, he was a member of Linton Kwesi Johnson and Denis Bovell's Poet & The Roots and worked on their Dreat Beat & Blood from 1978 relaesd by Frontline Records. Bad Weathers is a very moody and charming roots reggae album from 1978, very soulful and groovy!


Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Marion Gaines Singers "This Too Is Gospel" 1972

Great and part groovy/funky soul-gospel album from 1972 (but mostly straight swingin gospel, with full band) by The Marion Gaines Singers (this was their 3rd album), released by the Stax label The Gospel Truth. Some "standards" are mixed with some nice versions of Bill Withers and The Staple Singers, for example. This is not my rip, and the vinyl is a bit cracky unfortunately. Sadly this is one of many gospel-soul albums from the era that never has been reissued - strange and annoying isn't it? Groovy!


Weldon Irvine ‎"In Harmony" 1974

In Harmony from 1974 was the piano player, organist, poet and composer Weldon Irvine's 3rd album, released by Strata-East Records. He was born in Hampton, Virgina 1943 (and sadly passed away 2002) but lived his life in New York City. This album is one of the finest exampels of how great the jazz-funk scene were in america at the time, and how influental Strata-East were. Sadly this album (as most of the Strata-East catalogue) is very hard to get today (and over the years), and annoying this is one of many quality titles that only has been reissued in Japan (and very limited as well - those bastards) - very sickening, cause this is groovy! Read more about Weldon Irvine here.


José Mangual ‎"Buyú" 1977

José Mangual ‎was a famous and highly regarded puerto rican percussionist livin in New York City from the 1940s till his death in 1998. He worked with many of the biggest stars through his career, like Dizzy Gillespie, Gato Barbieri, Herbie Mann, Count Basie, Tito Puente among others. Buyú from 1977 is a very groovy album full of latin jazz, salsa, cha-cha and other joyful rhythms. Groovy!


Saturday, August 19, 2017

People Under The Stairs "The Next Step" 1998

The Next Step is the classic debut album from Los Angeles finest The People Under The Stairs released back in 1998. Classy, funky and smart hip hop with joyful samplings from old cracky jazz and soul. The duo is still active, support them here, and here. Groovy!


Lloyd Parks "What More Can I Do" 1983

Lloyd Parks is one of the true jamaican legends, his work and membership with groups/artists like Skin, Flesh & Bones, Joe Gibbs, The Techniques, The Termites, The Revolutionaries, etc is well known and highly acclaimed. What More Can I Do from 1983 is a moody roots reggae album with both lovely vibes of soul and lover's rock. Groovy!


Love Peace & Happiness "Love Is Stronger" 1971

Love Peace & Happiness were a creation by the soul mastermind Vernon Bullock, Love Is Stronger from 1971 was their debut album, Anne Bogan's legacy also incude membership in the Marvelettes and the Challengers, and Melvin & Leslie Wilson both came from New Birth. Great soul album with the typical of time hippie vibe - sadly overlooked. Groovy!


Friday, August 18, 2017

VA - Krautfunk 2: More Funky & Groovy Krautrock Sounds From Germany 1972-1981

Well, here is a 2nd mixtape I made with a more groovy and funky take on the german krautrock scene from the 1970s to early 1980s. You will get some serious jazz-funk breaks, cosmische slow disco, typical new waveish kraut funk, folky grooves and some samba as well! Germany definitely knew how to swing in the 70s. Hope some of you dig it.

01. Jane - Auroville (1978)
02. Ralf Nowy - Tschad (1973)
03. Birdy - Snap Snack (1980)
04. Carsten Bohn's Bandstand - Today In The City (1977)
05. Rousseau - Glockenrock (1980)
06. Cyklus - Nito (1979)
07. Klaus Krüger - You Have To Pay (1981)
08. Achterbahn Band - Cold (1979)
09. Cluster - Caramel (1974)
10. Lutz Ulbrich - Friede, Freude, Eierkuchen (1981)
11. Toto Blanke - Arabab (1976)
12. Volker Kriegel - Definitely Suspicious (1972)
13. Real Ax Band - Samba Mortale (1972)
14. Andy Goldner - Club Of Rome (1979)
15. Ashra - Shuttle Cock (1977)
16. Lutz Rahn - Dracula's Kuss (1978)


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Ibliss "Same" 1972

Supernova from 1972 by the german group Ibliss is a timeless masterpiece in the groovy part of krautrock. This four track album includes a lot of groovy rhythms, flutes, hypnotic bass lines, funky vibes and of course the well known typical german kraut mood, a kind of spooky feel. This instrumental gem was produced by the genius Conny Plank. One of the best albums that ever came of the scene - sadly a bit overlooked. Groovy!


Monday, August 14, 2017

Ragnar Grippe "Lost Secrets" 1981

Few swedish records stands the test of time like Lost Secrets, from 1981 by the electronic artist and classic composer (and musch more) Ragnar Grippe. Musically the album is full of mid tempo electronic-new wave-balearic and disco-synth-pop, partly deep and hypnotic, but always with a groove, and mostly instrumental. And, this record really sounds fresh 2017, like it was made today, impressing and of course, amazing. Read more, and support Roland Grippe here. A very overlooked swedish artist. Sadly most of his music never been reissued. Groovy!


Nil's Jazz Ensemble "Same" 1976

Amazing and incredible groovy latin-jazz-funk recorded Nil's Jazz Ensemble in Lima, Peru in 1976 by a group called Nil's Jazz Ensemble. The original vinyla is rare as hell, but the small label Lazarus Audio Products made a reissue of the album from the original master tapes recently, support them here. Groovy!


Sunday, August 13, 2017

Errol Brown "Everlasting Dub" 1977

Everlasting Dub is a groovy dub album (and the original release is rare as hell) from 1977 by the legendary jamaican engineer and producer Errol Brown. This album may not change your life in any way, but it's a nice document of the era.


Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77 "País Tropical" 1971

Well, you can tell by the album cover that this is a groovy record right? Sergio Mendes and his crew did almost everything right through the 60s and 70s with their typical A&M Records sounded soft pop-jazz chill out, Pais Tropical may not be Mendes best effort, but this "tropical" cocktail will definitely let your sunshine in. Groovy!


Saturday, August 12, 2017

D of Trinity Garden Cartel "Game Done Changed" 1995

D Of Trinity Garden Cartel was an american hip hop group from Houston, Texas, their style were southern hip hop (g-funk/gangsta) and they were active through the 90s and released a handful of albums, they made a short reunion in the late 2000s. Game Done Charged was their second album, released in 1995. Support the group here. Groovy!